Monday, October 24, 2011


KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, USA. The World Canvas Project has made its way to our Genesis+Art Studio for its preparation for its display and final home at Luther Seminary. My wife Peg and I spent time with Jan Richardson placing our prayers in the few remaining squares on the canvas alongside the petitions of so many other folks before us. The prayer canvas has been filled with beautiful pieces of art that have no boundaries of age or gender or race or faith tradition, but all equally lifting up our prayers. Together, in the process we created something beautiful together. Four new canvases have begun and we hope to have them travel to Belfast, Palestine, Israel, Istanbul, Turkey, Holden Village and congregations in the coming year.

I think it is a canvas that seeks to recover the deepest meaning of art. A meaning through a multitude of expressions seeking to find the path of beauty, which leads to God. These artistic, prayerful expressions of color, form, shape and word are born of faith and hope and are a manifestation of that faith. Expressing our prayers through art can offer us a moment of grace, a time to stop and contemplate and like prayer, rise up towards God. Wherever prayer is lifted up–so are we as well.

O Lord our God, In the quiet contemplation of our hearts through pencil, brush and color, accept our art and prayers graciously, as an act of love for you. + Amen

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